Our goal...

Don't be a hermit! 

Is to enable you to get the most out of your working day and be motivated by others in a similar position.

To give you the ultimate work-life balance and more time during the day by cutting out the daily commute.

To get you away from home, and working at the dining room table and into a social and productive environment. 

To be the no.1 place for professional, creative and social entrepreneurs in Raglan, New Zealand.

Who are we?

Work to live...

We are a co-working space in the heart of Raglan! We were established out of a need for a space to work without the distractions of home but without the costs of setting up and running an office.


Co-working is the sharing of a workspace and amenities with other like-minded people. It involves individuals working independently or collaboratively in a shared  office space.  It saves you money and provides you with a sense of community and colleagues. Kinda like carpooling but in an office.

How it works...

You turn up, we provide you with everything you need to work, you get stuff done - you feel good and go home...mission accomplished...perfect day!


Hot-desking is a concept that enables you to sit where there is a space. Your work space will likely change from day to day. We have a number of hot-desking options from 1 day per week through to full time hot-desking! 

Permanent desk

Permanent desks are recommended for full-timers and/or those that need to bring a desktop computer. It is a dedicated workspace that will always be yours. No need to clear your desk when you leave. 

Meeting room

Our meeting room is the perfect place for you to have client meetings or private conversations. It is available to be used by all of our members or can be booked as a meeting space for non members. 


The HQ can be booked for small private functions and conferences on weekends and evenings. 

The HQ - Where the creative environment meets the professional environment.